Sexual harassment prevention training shows employees how to establish boundaries in their work environment.

People may have an internal emotional reaction to an external experience, yet they may not know how to decipher that emotion and communicate it professionally.

Sexual harassment prevention training will help employees who are not confident in communicating their disapproval of the behaviors or words from co-workers. By increasing an employee’s confidence level at work, the company may experience an overall increase in morale.

In a recent Florida sexual harassment case, the owner of Christini’s Italian Restaurant was ordered to pay $80,000 to a bartender who complained about being sexually harassed and was fired. Michael Farrell, director of the EEOC’s Miami District, said, “Federal law is abundantly clear that no one will tolerate sexual harassment. Employers who ignore anti-discrimination laws should be on notice that they will suffer the consequences.”

Part of the Italian restaurant settlement is that the owner Mr. Christini and all of his employees must complete a sexual harassment prevention training course. Mr. Christini could have prevented his $80,000 loss if he had invested in sexual harassment prevention training before the sexual harassment lawsuit.

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How can one employee with more confidence increase the morale of the whole company? Training and education about topics that are typically not discussed, for example sexual harassment training, creates a standard for open communication which leads to improved confidence and morale.

Dominant and submissive personalities are very obvious when observed. When a typically passive employee makes a strong statement that everyone can agree with or stands up for themselves by setting a boundary that employee is going to earn respect from their co-workers and that new respect will create a new sense of confidence in everyone.

When one employee has a new-found respect for a co-worker, they will also have a renewed respect for the company and the rest of their co-workers. The response of having more respect for each other will be the same response other employees will have, and now the confidence of one passive employee has had a positive impact on the whole staff thereby increasing company morale as a whole.

Online sexual harassment training is a simple solution to increasing company morale and reducing company liability.
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Ann Nagel

Ann Nagel

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